David M. Pruessner, Texas Attorney at Law is a reputable Lawyer with an exceptional record and long list of clients.

Insurance Cases

Insurance coverage disputes are disputes over the meaning and application of insurance policies, which are complex multi-part instruments. He has represented insurers, insureds, and claimants in disputes over liability coverage and property insurance coverage. He authored the original Wikipedia article on “Additional Insureds” and has served as a consultant for the Dallas based insurance publisher, International Risk Management Inc.

His sample insurance coverage cases include:

Labarre v. Occidental Chem. Co., 251 So. 3d 1092 (La. Ct. App. – 2018) (assisting Louisiana trial counsel in a successful appeal regarding liability insurance coverage from National Surety for multi-million-dollar claims related to the catastrophic collapse of a salt dome in Louisiana, with parallel coverage litigation in Texas).

In re Colony Ins. Co., 2014 Tex. App. LEXIS 9902 (insurance coverage dispute over wrongful death claims, including a dispute over additional insured coverage provided by subcontractor).

Ewing Constr. Co. v. Amerisure Ins. Co., 684 F.3d 512 (5th Cir. Tex., 2012), 420 S.W.3d 30 (Tex. 2014) (successful Texas/federal appeal regarding insurance coverage dispute over claims of construction defects).

GuideOne Elite Ins. v. Fielder Rd. Baptist Church, 197 S.W.3d 305 (Tex. 2006) (Texas Supreme Court case on insurance coverage and the “eight corners rule.”)

Amerisure Ins. Co. v. Navigators Ins. Co., 445 F. App'x 756, 759 (5th Cir. 2011) (Federal Fifth Circuit appeal on equitable subrogation between insurers.)

Trinity Universal Ins. Co. v. Emplrs Mut. Cas. Co., 592 F.3d 687, 692 (5th Cir. 2010) (Federal Fifth Circuit appeal on equitable subrogation between insurers.)

Quest Marinas v. Champions General Insurance Agency, 2016: successful representation of an insured agency regarding coverage for claims of negligence in placing property insurance. This dispute involved two levels of coverage: the property coverage put in place on marinas (hit by storms) and the scope of the liability insurance covering the agency which placed such property coverage.

Rambo v. Barry Shoope Construction, 2017: successful representation of the insured in a dispute over coverage for alleged construction defects.

Doe v. Dallas Lutheran School, 2018: successful representation of the insured in a dispute over liability insurance coverage for personal injury claims.